WinGslib - Installation

WinGslib - Step-by-step installation instructions

1 - WinGslib - Installation

  • WinGslib 32bit (or WinGslib 64bit)
  • Start the downloaded file which will install WinGslib.
  • If you do not have a permanent license, the demo license will be set up automatically.
  • If you have a permanent license for a previous version, it will still be valid with 1.5.

2 - GSLIB90 - Installation

  • GSLIB90 32bit (or GSLIB90 64bit)
  • Run the executable gslib90.exe. It will install the GSLIB90 executables on your hard drive.

3 - PostScript viewer - Installation

In order to use WinGslib, you will need to:
  • a PostScript viewer and install it.

4 - Configure WinGslib

  • Start WinGslib
  • Confirm the location of the external editor, PostScript viewer and GSLIB90 executables (Tools -> Options)

5 - Configure license

Demonstration license

  • Demonstration license will be valid for 30 days from the first launch of the program.

Permanent license

  • To order a permanent license, visit the purchasing page.
  • Generate the license codes (see purchasing page) on the machine the software will be installed on, or on the machine that will be used as a server (network license).
  • Follow the instructions below either for standalone or network license.
  Stand-alone license
  • When you have received your permanent license file, copy it in the installation directory as wingslib.lic
  Network license
  • the license manager server, unzip the file in a location of your choice and run the installation.
  • License management manual (pdf).
  • the installation utility to your WinGslib installation directory.
    • If WinGslib is not installed on the server machine, you will need to and copy the file in the same directory as lslic.exe
  • When you receive your permanent license file from Statios, save it on your disk in the WinGslib installation directory (or the same directory as lslic.exe).
  • Run the following: lslic -F license_file (replace license_file with the name of your own license file)


  • Run the WinGslib executable from any (client) machine on the network that can communicate with the server machine on which the license manager.
  • You can start/stop the license manager by going to START->SETTINGS->CONTROL PANEL->SERVICES and locating the Rainbow license manager, Or Start->Control Panel->Administrative Tools->Services
The following step is not necessary if WinGslib is running without problem from the client machine
  • On all machines running WinGslib, set the environment variable LSFORCEHOST to the IP-address (or name of the machine) of your license server. For the NT system go to START->SETTINGS->CONTROL PANEL->SYSTEM and click on the Environment tab. For Windows 95/98 use the SET statement inside the autoexec.bat file.

In addition, you can install the license manager utilities:

  • the license manager utilities.


  • Previous version
    If you wish to keep a previous version of WinGslib, make sure you do not install the new version in the same directory. The old license will not be overwritten, however, and new versions will work for valid permanent licenses.

  • Demo license
    Important - do not change the date and time on your compute while using the demo license; the license will become inactive. This is to prevent people from extending their usage of the software by changing the date on their computer. We cannot re-generate a demo license if your license is inactive because of date modification.
    For technical reasons, we are not able to provide extensions to the 30 days demo license.


Getting started with GSLIB and WinGslib

You can Download a set of data files to start using the software (62kb): 

The Getting Started Guide is available. We are working on a new edition of the guide.