PostScript Viewer

WinGslib plotting utilities generate PostScript files that can be either sent directly to a PostScript printer or viewed and printed to any printer using a PostScript viewer. Statios does not provide such a utility.

We suggest you use GSView which is a shareware. Just like WinGslib acts amongst other things as an interface to GSLIB, which is a set of DOS based programs, GSView is an interface to Ghostscript. You will need both packages.

For your convenience, you can download below GSView version 2.6 along with Ghostscript version 5.50. This is not the very latest version. We suggest you go to GhostView web page if you want a more current version.

Download GSView and Ghostscript (3.25MB). Simply execute the downloaded executable to install the programs.


For 64bit operating system, see the GhostView page.